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Microsoft Partner Summit 2017
This event has now concluded.

Featured speakers

Featured Speaker - Toni Townes-Whitley image.

Toni Townes-Whitley

Corporate Vice President Industry, Microsoft

Toni leads Microsoft’s strategy for driving digital transformation across public sector and commercial industry customers and partners in support of i...

Speaker - Steve Clayton image.

Steve Clayton

Chief Storyteller,

Having a unique value proposition is critical to engaging customers and employees; and maintaining a competitive edge. Steve is at the forefront of sh...

Speaker - Trevor Clarke image.

Trevor Clarke

Tech Research Asia

Trevor specialises in helping clients understand the dynamics of the diverse Asia Pacific region to get the best out of technology investments and opp...

Microsoft has made a clear commitment to partners

You told us what mattered to you. We listened. We changed our business to support yours better. Microsoft Partner Summit is for all Microsoft Partners and organisations interested in starting a partnership with Microsoft. The two days are designed to intersect your business aspirations, with practical support and learning. Build new capabilities and be inspired by global and local leaders, experts, and peers as we support you to build your business, go-to-market, and sell-with Microsoft, with the goal of advancing your digital transformation and that of your customers.

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Build new capabilities

Understand Australia’s market opportunities and define the right business model for your success. Learn and build capability across the modern workplace, business applications, applications & infrastructure, and data & AI.
Microsoft Partner Summit Tile image.

Network in new ways

Networking and collaboration are the foundation of Microsoft’s partner events. A new exciting approach to structured networking will see you build connections and gain new insights across partner models and solutions.
Microsoft Partner Summit Tile image.

Create an action plan

Sessions will champion a ‘learn and build’ practicality to give you the opportunity to leave with actionable strategies and plans. It’s about fast-tracking a path to transformation and growth as you head into 2018.